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Birthday Promo!


Alright my 21st birthday is next week on the 28th, so I’m going to have an unlimited promo until then.
250+ reblogs must reach the minimum 250
No likes
Picking first and last ten, fav ten and random 20. Also going to promote my biggest fans.
Must be following me. Don’t lie, I will check.
Send me questions for a better chance at being a top ten.
Have fun and remember to stay lifted xo


is there even a two?

Theres just certain people in this world that you can do everything for but its never enough. Those people cut out your life they aren’t needed


shhhhhhhhhhhhhh* just hit this blunt and have sex with me

im so high rn and im playin forza just crashed my car at 260 n it felt so real i swear i died for a second

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